Toyota is one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world , the Japanese company is unique of its kind in the production of many types of cars is not only a regular car, but to manufacture trucks and multiple cars .

Toyota's main Tokyo-based Japanese capital and currently is the world's first car company ,Toyota is a major multinational companies and now have Lexus and Hino's Sion and has the largest share of Daihatsu and a small part of the Subaru.

The company, which was beginning in 1890 have now 522 branches. The company produces trucks and buses, different industrial vehicles , as well as the automotive and many manufactured products and the companies promise to provide assistance in many areas, such as knitting fabric.

Appeared in 1979, Toyota agent in Egypt only for brands Toyota and its headquarters in the industrial zone in the Abbasid, the company Responsible for providing all the services and accessories such as selling Toyota, maintenance and after-sales service.

Although Toyota is the first plant for cars in the world, but it is seeking in 2012 to increase its sales by 12% in 2011 and is seeking to complete control of the Japanese market in particular.

Model Property power Price
Corolla 2021 Manual‏ / Active 1600 290,000 EGP
Corolla 2021 Automatic / Active 1600 315,000 EGP
Corolla 2021 Automatic / Active+ 1600 318,500 EGP
Rush 2021 A/T / F/O 1500 340,000 EGP
Corolla 2021 Automatic / Comfort 1600 350,000 EGP
Corolla 2021 Automatic / Comfort + 1600 353,600 EGP
Rush 2021 A/T / Highline 1500 365,000 EGP
Corolla 2021 Automtic / Full Option 1600 380,000 EGP
Corolla 2021 Automatic / Fulloption / Sun Roof 1600 400,000 EGP
Corolla 2021 Automatic / Highline 1600 450,000 EGP
Corolla 2021 A/T / Full Option / Hybrid 1800 560,000 EGP
Corolla 2021 A/T / High Lne / Hybrid 1800 600,000 EGP
Fortuner 2021 A/T / 2X4 2700 739,900 EGP
Fortuner 2021 A/T / 4X4 2700 799,900 EGP
Fortuner 2021 A/T / 4X4 4000 899,900 EGP
Rav 4 2020 A/T / Full Option 2500 1,650,000 EGP
Rav 4 2020 A/T / High Line 2500 1,750,000 EGP
Camry 2020 Automatic / High Line 2500 1,900,000 EGP
Prado 2021 A/T / Full option 2700 2,150,000 EGP

Toyota Showrooms

Al Rai


New Cairo City. 5 Compound-Near Academy


10 Greek Hospital Street, Abbassia
4880400 - 6858980 - 6832795


Industrial area, Abu Rawash
5394808 – 5364800


Industrial area, Mansheya, Moharam Bek

port saeed

8c industrial area, behind El Hefny mosque
066- 3777322-3777355


Shop 18, Al Bashtameer Buildings

Toyota Dearler Network

10th of Ramadan

Nahdet masr Motors

(the judge)
01285555777 telphone


Toyota Egypt

14th of May Bridge Rd, Ezbet Saad, Qism Sidi Gabir, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 4242757


Cairo Alex Desert Rd, Abis, Qism Moharram Bek, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 3608285

Shoukry for Trading

Abd El-Moneim Khaleel, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 035442182

Ramsis Company

El-Mandara, Al Mandarah Bahri, Qism El-Montaza, Alexandria Governorate

Tel : 2035923368

El Rezk Company for Trading.

Alexandria Desert Rd, Qetaa at Tarik as Sahrawi, Qesm Al Amereyah, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

01000004807 :Tel:


toyota egypt

Shebin El Koum Rd., El Sadat, El Beheira Governorate, Egypt
tel : 2016550


Toyota Egypt - Sadat City

Shebin El Koum Rd., El Sadat, El Beheira Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 2016550

beni Suef

Abou Hetah For Import Export Car Dealers

hotline 19788


Wali Auto

Phone 24528375

MG Motors

Nasr City Phone

Professional Auto

El-Tahrir Square, Qasr Ad Dobarah, Qasr an Nile, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 01001616340

Nahdet Misr Automotive - Judge

El Horia St, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel: 15367627

United Marketing & Cars Company

Street 100, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 01002222954

Al Haramain Motors

Mohammed Fahmi Al Mahdar, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel ; 2222639693

New High Motors For Cars Trading

Al Merghani, Al Golf, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 20222639693

Mohammed Salem Waly and Associates

El-Khalifa El-Maamoun, Mansheya El-Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 20224534668

International Motors Amco

Mostafa El-Nahaas, Al Manteqah Ath Thamenah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
tel : 2033028666

Deals Automotive

Al Lasilki, El-Basatin Sharkeya, El-Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 25163000

Cairo Festival City

Ring Rd, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 2016550

Toyota Egypt

Khaled Mohammed Mourad, Berket an Nasr, Qism El-Salam, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 2016550

Toyota Egypt

42 Sabel Al Khazndara, As Sarayat, Al Waili, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Tel :2016550

El Nasr for Trading and Distribution.

29 Abdulwahed Fahmy - behind the Mobil station Farid thick - Front Sun Club
01007227333 - 26391678 (02)

International Company for car services

El Katameya - Ain El Sokhna Rd., Alam Petrojet, Cairo

Tel : 01226809270


Modern Car

Phone: 01210330333

Modern Car Ashraf Asmar

Bank Al Askandaria, Madinet Faraskour, Faraskour, Damietta Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 0573450450


Al - Kamouni Agricultural Machinery & Cars Company

El Bahr St, Al Mahalah Al Kubra (Part 2), Al Mahalah Al Kubra, Gharbia Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 0402238804

United Auto Trading Company

Al Tarkib, Tanta (Department 2), Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, Egypt

هاتف : 01278000033


Al Bargassy Company for Trading

Abd Al Samad Al Gabri, Nazlet Al Batran, Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt
tel : 2033852133

United Group For Trading & Distribution

Unnamed Road, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 38300816

Toyota Egypt

Unnamed Road, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Abu Rawash

Tel: 2016550

United Car Trading Company

Khodari El Salmawy Rd, Abou Rawash, Imbaba, Giza Governorate 12676, Egypt

Tel : 219949

United Marketing & Cars Company

Nadi Al Tersna D/ Hegazi, Gazirat Mit Oqbah, Al Agouzah, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Tel: 2016435

Abo Samra Automotive Company.

Sudan St, Mit Akaba, Al Agouzah, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Tel: 0237490515

Arab Group for Trading and Distribution.

11 Demashk, Mit Akaba, Al Agouzah, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 33444431

United Company for Trading Vehicles

27-29 Tanta, Al Huwaiteyah, Al Agouzah, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Tel; 204035391973

Al Bargassy Company for Trading

3 Mourad, Oula, Giza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 01002518791


Toyota Egypt

Ismailia - El-Zakazik Rd, Ismailia, Ismailia Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 01201111485

kafr El Dawar

Qabaa For Cars Trading & Import



Al - Kamouni Company

telphone 0402236400


Barakat Abdel Hamid Barakat

Telphone 0482176383

Mersa Matruh

Sea Hub, North Coast

Unnamed Road, Markaz Al Alamein, Matrouh Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 2016550

red Sea

Abou Hetah For Import Export Car Dealers

Hotline 19788


Egypt Automotive Co. For Trading & Agencies

Al Maahad Al Dini, Ash Sharqia Governorate, Egypt

Tel : 20552306160

Upper Egypt

National motors Egypt

8 Messaha Street, Assiout
088/2316449 – 088/2314340

Toyota Cars Maintenance Center


National Motors Egypt

8 Street area - Assiut



el rezk center

Address: K 24 road Alexandria - Cairo el cahira sahrawy , Pepsi-Cola

Tel: 03-4700412/13/14

Center Ibrahimia

Address: 190 road el horya, Abrahamic

Tel: 03-5923368

Toyota Center Egypt

Address: mateka snayea Mansheya gdeda Moharram Bey

Tel: 03-3622207


Al Bargosai Trading

Draaw / El Dabodeya, Al Bargassy Trading Industrial Complex


beni Suef

Company abo heta

Misr - agricultural Aswan - Beni Suef



United Group for Trading & Distribution

the central axis, the city's commercial center Fourth Subcommunity

8320866 _ 8321031

Toyota Egypt

10 Street hospital Unani


Toyota Center Egypt

Address: Cairo Festival City, Ring Road, Police Academy,tagamh el khams , Abbasid

Tel: 02-26185900

el alameya Automotive Services center

Address: Ain Sokhna, Katameya

Tel: 02-7587800


Toyota Damietta

medan shahbia beginning Rd Damietta - Port Said



Frist Center Carr

Address: Mahmoud Morsi, St. Kafr Tohormos, Faisal

Tel: 02-37211301/2/3/4

Center Al Bargasy

Address: 14 A Mohamed Zaghloul Zaghloul St. Michel, el haram

Tel: 02-33852133 - 02-33826923

el alameya Center for Automotive Engineering

Address: 104 Sudan St.,mohandsen

Tel: 02-3356100/111 - 02-3359922

Toyota Center Egypt

Address: Industrial Zone, Abu Rawash

Tel: 02-35364800

kafr El Dawar

Quba Trading & Supply

28 kilometers Alex - agricultural Cairo, Kafr El Dawar



Nasr Company for Trade and Distribution

Mahala - Mansoura International



Nahdet Egypt

B - A Industrial Zone, Tenth of Ramadan

015355300- 015355400


United Trading Company cars

Hassan Radwan Mohamed Farid Street intersection

040/3292797 – 040/3292797

Toyota Corolla Silver Automatic / Comfort 9,000 Km 10th of Ramadan
date_range 2020-12-03
Toyota Yaris Black 70,000 Km Alexandria
date_range 2020-12-03
Toyota Yaris Black 135,000 Km El Haram
date_range 2020-12-03
Toyota Hilux White 250,000 Km Dakahlia
date_range 2020-12-03
Toyota Corolla White Automatic / Full option 39,000 Km Nasr city
date_range 2020-12-03
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